[The Silver Room Block Party, Chicago, 2014]

Blackgirl is an intersectional identity* that does not separate ones racial identity from ones gender identity. Additionally, blackgirl is not bound by age and applies to any female human being of African ascent.

I started writing blackgirl as one word in an effort to acknowledge that my race and sex are inextricable markers that influence how I experience the world and how the world experiences me... By taking out the space I was erasing the assumed pause (read apology, explanation, stereotype) between my identities. – Robin Boylorn, 2018

The lives of blackgirls are both complex and contradictory. While she is not a monolith, nor an anomaly, she often finds herself enmeshed in a society that regards her as ugly, dumb, emasculating, promiscuous, asexual, pious, diseased, broke, violent, selfless, apathetic, chronically codependent, superwoman and subhuman. A blackgirl who understands her value prioritizes radical self-care and cultivates her gifts, which are precious and tangible as gold.  She creates affirming identities and serves unapologetically.

*with critical consideration to ancestors, othermothers, and sisters of: The Combahee River Collective; Kitchen Table Press; Angela Davis; Maria Miller Stewart; bell hooks; Kimberlé Crenshaw; Nikki Giovanni; Maya Angelou; Michele Wallace; Paula Giddings; Cynthia Dillard; Patricia Hill-Collins; Joan Morgan; Bettina L. Love; et al.

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