Blackgirl Gold Unapologetic, Incorporated is a Chicago-based, non-profit public charity.


We employ three tools to leverage power for blackgirls who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. These tools include writing workshops; annual scholarships and awards; and intergenerational connections.

[Nicole Richardson, Chicago, 2014]



We provide writing workshops based on the BGU Writes of Passage curriculum: "'I Am..',"  "Spit the Lit," and "Author the Culture."  This non-static curriculum integrates the literacies of Hip Hop Feminism (as well as earlier canons) with academic and creative writing techniques to foster innovation and to affirm healthy self-images for blackgirls.


We provide annual scholarships and awards to blackgirls: Mama Mary Scholarship for undergraduate students; Mama Audre Scholarship for graduate students; Warrior Award for mothers; and Reclaiming My Time Award to honor self-care practices.


We provide intergeneration connections for blackgirls throughout the country based upon gift-specific resources and needs.

These tools are the anchors of Blackgirl Gold Unapologetic because we believe that by writing, funding, and connecting, we create our own tables, our own houses, and engender our own liberation.

write. fund. connect.

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