Scholarship & Award Recipients

Gyrell Morrow
Mama Mary Scholarship, 2018
Chicago State University (Class of 2022)
Amachi Smith-Hill
Mama Mary Scholarship, 2021
Oberlin College & Conservatory (1st Undergrad)
Tonayvia Turner
Reclaiming My Time Award, 2021
Crenshaw Elementary School – Chicago, IL
Cierra Presberry
Mama Audre Scholarship, 2018
Michigan State University (Ph.D., 2020) 
Clinetta Pinex
Warrior Award, 2021
Take It Off My Plate – Chicago, IL
Toniesha D. Webb
Mama Audre Scholarship, 2021

University of the Pacific (Doctoral Candidate)
Winniefred N. Acheampong
Mama Mary Scholarship
, 2021
San José State University (4th Year, Undergrad)